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With In India (Domestic Courier Servies)

India is a powerhouse economy. In the medieval times India was known as “Sone ki Chidiya” which when translated from Hindi means “the golden bird”. In the last few centuries it consistently went down due to various factors chiefly external. Post independence the priority was to stabilize the economy and in the last 15 years, the economy has been zooming at among the fastest rates among all countries of the world. India by sheer size and diversity in terms of cultures, languages, geographical factors and development in technology is akin to a continent. The scope of people movement and therefore movement of goods within the country matches that of North America or Europe. Indians are sensitive to quality of products and services. The products they purchase are world class and when the time comes for movement of these products, they need a company that understands the Indian sensitivity and the unique requirements of Indians based on their various cultural backgrounds. NeedleTail in an Indian company, managed by Indians, located in India but tempered with technology and infrastructure that is world class in nature. NeedleTail with offices all over the world are best suited to understand India and Indians with a world perspective as well as to understand the world with an Indian perspective. This makes NeedleTail the best company when it comes to domestic couriers, parcels, cargo, commercial shipments, excess baggage, unaccompanied baggage and relocation services for household, personnel effects and corporate sectors from anywhere in India to anywhere in India.

You can now count on NeedleTail for reliable delivery of your domestic requirements. Designed specifically to meet the needs of the Indian domestic market, these air and ground services have been in operation to address your non-commercial and commercial shipping requirements.

NeedleTail has made available of its domestic services for everyone from corporate sectors to Individuals, Businessmen, traders, exporters and importers. For sending regular shipments including documents, parcels, commercial shipments, samples, air freight, air cargo and for individuals who get transferred to different cities can use our services to carry households, personnel effects, food items, medicines, excess baggage, unaccompanied baggage and relocation services for household, personnel effects and corporate sectors.

Services include:

  • Documents & Parcels (Priority, Standard, Economy Services)
  • Air cargo (By ground and by air)
  • Surface Fright Services
  • Overweight Consignment
  • Warehousing, storage and distributions.

On all our services you can save up to 50% on airline excess baggage and other competitor charges.

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